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We are technicians who in a previous life worked for Dell and IBM. We have always been involved in technology. In fact, we eat, sleep and breath technology.

About Us

Why we started

When setting up the business in 2003, we listened to feedback from SME owners that talked about their IT problems. A number of themes emerged, including issues about IT support technicians who make them “feel like idiots”, technicians speaking in jargon or not explaining solutions, and IT support firms perpetually on voicemail. We heard of issues about maintenance contracts being signed and users getting mediocre support. We believed that there had to be a better way to do IT support. That was the genesis of RealClear IT support.

Knowledgeable and timely IT support no longer requires a maintenance contract

We believe in doing IT support differently, so we are never going to force you to sign a maintenance contract. We believe that quality work always speaks for itself. We employ technicians who really know their stuff, who speak plain English and are naturally friendly. We believe that you do not need a maintenance contract to get great levels of IT support, even at very short notice.

Be a category “A” customer instead of category “C”

During our research, we found that micro-businesses (or SMEs with less than 5 employees) are particularly poorly served when it comes to IT support. Unfortunately, a lot of IT support companies categorise these businesses as category “C”, pushing them way down the pecking order when it comes to getting quality timely support. With RealClear, your microbusinesses is our category “A” customer.

With every support ticket opened, our goal is not only to fix the problem, but also find its root-cause.

We consistently deliver quality support on-site, remotely or via telephone. With every support ticket opened, our goal is not only to fix the problem, but also find its root-cause. We love our customers, but we don’t like seeing them for the same problem, over and over again.

We provide proactive support, meaning that we try to pre-empt issues before they turn into problems that could take your system down. In the long-term, this is better for you and better for us. Dublin is a very small city and we attract most of our customers with word-of-mouth recommendations (which is just as well, as the hard-sell pushy approach is not in our DNA).

Simple Practical Solutions

We believe simple, robust and practical solutions are almost always the best. IT solutions that are eloquently talked about or sound great on paper don’t always translate into good solutions for your business. Overly complex (and often oversold) solutions can end up hindering your workflow, instead of helping it.

Beyond IT Support – Strategic IT consulting for your business

Here at RealClear, we do more than just help SMEs like yours with day-to-day IT problems. We also offer experienced and professional advice on how to use IT more strategically in the running of your businesses. This can be advice relating to how you can use IT to collaborate more effectively between team members, or simply how to make your IT set-up more mobile friendly.

It’s Good to Talk

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